Gibson ES 335 cherry red 1964 Original !!!


Here is a 1964 ES-335TDC just like Eric's -serial number 1652xx

This is a fabulous guitar, plays like a dream and sounds exactly as it should; it has its original PAT pickups, surrounds, bridge, tuners, pickguard etc, it even has its original frets with plenty of wear left and a superb rosewood board.

This superb ES-335 is priced sensibly as it has two things that make it highly desirable and collectable, but not A1:

- It had a Bigsby originally which was removed years ago and replaced with a lightweight aluminium period bridge, so there are 3 filled holes where the bigsby used to be.

- It was stored for over 20 years with an old strap in the case, which sort of melted the finish on the back of the neck; this was refinished in Nitro Celulose by Tim Marten at Andy's in Denmark Street (I think one of the best guys for this work in the UK?) a couple of years ago, it is a fantastic match and is already melowing nicely - give it a few years and you will never know it was done.

It comes in a 1960s aluminium flight case that the pro musician who originally owned it used to transport it around the world in; this has kept it safe from breaks and damage all this time.