Gibson Les Paul Custom 1969 lightweight and original !!!

This Les Paul Custom is from 1969 and has the best Tone I've ever heard. NO Made in USA stamp on the headstock ( this started later in 69 ), 1 piece body and no dot over the i of Gibson. It has its original frets, untouched electrics, proper lightweight 1950s aluminium bridge and ABR-1, a pair of superb PAT No. pickups, thin binding in the cutaway and original waffle-back tuners. No breaks, repairs or refinishing.


It is light in weight when compered to many of this era ( just under 9lbs ) and plays beautifully: the neck pickup is particulary good - not too woody and with plenty of bite. These late 60s Customs are becoming highly collectable and this one is a nice piece. Serial No. 8406xx and original 1960s orange Gibson case.


This Les Paul Custom 1969 comes from England and I drove 2000 km to bring this beauty at home !!!